Florida Lawmakers Seek Tougher Stance on Indecent Exposure

woman-865022_1280-300x200A bill that’s currently going through the Florida Legislature is taking aim at displays of public nudity. Known as HB 675, the bill would upgrade certain types of indecent exposure into felonies, allowing law enforcement officers to arrest individuals without requiring a warrant and without the officer(s) having witnessed the indecent exposure themselves.

Supporters of HB 675 believe the bill goes a long way in dealing with individuals that are repeat offenders while those that are against it believe it could affect homeless individuals or people dealing with a mental illness.

Currently, acts of public nudity are largely deemed a misdemeanor under Florida law and require officers to obtain a warrant before they can arrest a person unless the officer(s) were witness to the crime. The misdemeanor may become a felony if the offender commits an act of “lewd” indecent exposure in front of a minor.

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