Later this month Michael Vick will appear in front of a Sussex County Judge and is expected to plead guilty to state charges of dog fighting. Vick, the former superstar NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been serving his 23 month sentence on federal charges for dog fighting for which he is scheduled for release on July 23rd 2009. The Surrey County Commonwealths Attorney Gerald Poindexter recently said that Vick would be likely given the same deal he gave to his co-defendant Quanis Phillips–a three year suspended prison sentence and a fine of $2,500 so long as he remains in good behavior during the terms of his probation. It is likely that once Vick takes the deal his attorneys will attempt to move Vick to a half-way house for the remaining six months of his federal sentence so that he can prepare to transition back into society.


People deserve second chances especially those who have owned up to their mistakes. Vick has made it very clear that he will attempt to make an NFL comeback despite his two year suspension from the league. Although his former Falcons team and their owner have made it clear that it will not be with them, it’s inevitable that at least one team will give him a second chance if they have the opportunity. However, once released, the NFL will have the final say on his reinstatement and ultimately whether he is given his second chance in 2009.

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