Federal Agent Becomes Involved in Healthcare Fraud Probe


A longtime federal agent accused of supplying insider information to a suspected member of a Miami-Dade County painkiller-distribution racket has been indicted on several charges arising from an investigation into FBI corruption.

The agent with the Inspector General’s Office of the Department of Health and Human Services made his initial federal court appearance in Miami earlier this week, facing allegations of conspiring to commit a crime against the United States, tampering with witnesses, obstructing justice and selling oxycodone. The prosecutor has arranged for a pre-trial detention hearing. He is charged with the painkiller scam along with an alleged participant who also appeared with him in federal court.

In a corruption inquiry that began in March 2019, both men were caught on wiretaps discussing protecting each other as well as allegedly making Santeria religious curses and threatening to murder snitches during the Oxycodone investigation. They were both charged and taken into federal custody.

Per a prosecutor-filed FBI criminal complaint, the agent is suspected of utilizing his role in a healthcare strike force to inform the participant regarding a probe into a doctor based in Hialeah.

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