“What Do I Do If I’m Under Investigation?”

Here’s a frequently asked question (FAQ) that I get often: “What should I do if I’m under investigation?”
A: It is critical to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately after becoming aware that law enforcement is investigating you and/or your business. Our extensive experience can guide you through this challenging process. Additionally, there are many instances when our representation of a client during the “investigation stage” has resulted in no charges being brought and/or no arrest made. For example, recently I was representing a top athlete at a local Miami college. His life came crashing down when police arrested him for allegedly raping another student. I met with him several times and believed in his innocence. His position was that he had consensual sex with the alleged victim. I was able to secure the cooperation of a key witness who poked significant holes in the alleged victim’s story. Fortunately, charges were not filed. Additionally, a teenager we represented recently was told that an arrest for felony battery was imminent. The teen learned through school administrators that police had contacted them and told them that they were going to arrest him for punching another student, resulting in serious injury to the victim’s face. We were successful in persuading law enforcement not to arrest our teen client. As a result, nothing ever went on his record.

We also have been successful on numerous occasions at affecting what charges are levied against our clients simply by discussions with law enforcement. For example, whether a client is charged with Aggravated Battery, a 2nd degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison or Simple Battery, a misdemeanor with a cap of one year, can make a huge difference. Bond is lowered; where the case is filed is different (Circuit vs. County Court), and obviously, the potential penalty the client is facing is thoroughly different.

Assuming law enforcement is determined to make an arrest, we frequently are able to negotiate a mutually convenient surrender time and date so our client doesn’t have to continue to live in fear, worried that law enforcement may show up at any given moment. It’s not uncommon for law enforcement to show up at a suspect’s work and/or home in the middle of the night. As your attorney, we may be able to assist you in avoiding those devastating scenarios. Also, we’ll make sure a reputable bondsman is ready to go to pull you and/or your loved ones from jail as soon as humanly possible.

The most prudent thing to do is to call us. I, Mark Eiglarsh, will speak with you personally, at no cost to you. I’ll use my over two decades of litigation experience to provide you with an analysis of your case. Call us: 305.674.0003 and view our web site: www.EiglarshLaw.com. We can assist you 24/7. That means, even on weekends, we’re available to assist you.

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