O.J. Simpson Asks Parole Board for Early Release

O.J. Simpson, 66, has resided in a Nevada prison for about 5 years since his conviction on kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges for unlawfully entering into a Las Vegas casino to try to reclaim items he felt were rightfully his. Simpson has recently asked the parole board for early release.

The parole board will have a respond to his request for early release in two weeks. If a majority of the seven on the parole board vote in his favor, he’ll have some hope but won’t be free completely; he’d still have to serve at least four more years of his term.

Simpson describes his custody to “have been somewhat illuminating at times and painful a lot of times.” He regrets missing his two children’s high school graduation, birthdays, and his sister’s funeral.

Simpson attempts to distinguish himself from other inmates, “The difference between all of their crimes and mine is that they were trying to steal other people’s property…my crime was trying to retrieve, for my family, my own property.”

A Nevada jury, however, disagreed with his view; they convicted him on October 3, 2008.

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