Miami’s Own O.J. Held Without Bail On Serious Felony Charges

Maybe he should have just kept driving when chased in his white Ford Bronco. That way, perhaps we would have avoided the latest O.J. controversy. Unfortunately, Miami’s very own, O.J. Simpson finds himself at the center of yet another criminal case. This time, he’s accused of barging into a Las Vegas casino hotel room Thursday and taking a number of items that he believed were his. O.J. allegedly brought with him four friends, some armed with guns, in what Simpson has described as a self organized sting operation. O.J. is now facing decades in prison if convicted of any of the serious offenses for which he is charged: two counts each of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, and burglary with a deadly weapon.

No doubt, it will be O.J.’s initial comments to the media that will be highlighted in his pending case. There’s a reason why I instruct my clients to keep their mouths shut. O.J., apparently thinks he knows better. Now he’s locked into whatever he spewed to reporters prior to his arrest.

While typically a defendant’s prior contact with the Criminal Justice System would be kept from jurors, this case is certainly different. Potential jurors who don’t have moss growing on their bodies after living under a rock for the past 13 years already know of O.J.’s numerous challenges with law enforcement. Furthermore, O.J. will most likely make his court history a centerpiece of the trial arguing that he was forced to conduct his own “sting” because law enforcement treated him poorly over the years by failing to assist him on numerous occasions.

Will he finally be convicted? Right now, it’s too close to call. We’re going to need to hear more about what specific evidence they have. For example, O.J. allegedly left a voicemail message for one of the co-conspirator’s instructing him to tell police that there were no guns used. That statement alone could be enough to corroborate the victim’s testimony and undermine O.J.’s credibility in this case. This one will certainly be interesting!

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