Arrested and Jailed For Over Salting a Burger!

A Union City Georgia McDonald’s employee was forced to spend the night in jail and is facing further time behind bars for serving a patron an over salted hamburger. The accused, 20 year old Kendra Bull, was charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct. Unfortunately for Bull, the patron was a police officer who alleged the burger made him sick. Bull accidentally spilled salt on the hamburger meat and then tried to “thump the salt off.”
On her break, Bull actually ate one of the burgers from the salty batch. She stated to the media, “It didn’t make me sick.” Bull further stated to the media, “If it was too salty, why did (Adams, the cop) not take one bite and throw it away?”

Bull has worked for the McDonalds for five months. She claims that she had no idea that the patron was a cop when he placed his order because she couldn’t see the drive-through window from her work area.

Here’s the part that makes me go, “Are you kidding me?” Police sent samples of the burger to the state crime lab for tests. I’m glad that I’m not a taxpayer in Georgia.

When recently commenting on this story on CNN, I called upon the prosecutors to immediately step up and right a wrong. They need to run to the courthouse and drop this criminal charge against Bull. This was not a willful and wanton disregard of human life. She ate the same salty meat that “Officer Friendly” ate. The cop/”victim” abused his position solely because he had a “beef” with this woman because he didn’t get a “happy meal.” The only thing that could be more bizarre about this case would be if the officer had charged her with “assault.” (“a-salt”) Seriously, these types of cases shouldn’t happen. They undermine our Criminal Justice System.

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