Gay Florida Teen Sent Back to Jail for Violating Court Order

A Florida judge told Kaitlyn Hunt, 19, after hearing testimony about thousands of text messages, that she had heard enough regarding the text messages. Hunt, who is currently awaiting trial on charges of having sex with her underage girlfriend, allegedly sent text messages to her underage girlfriend [via iPod] after being ordered not to.

Hunt was 18 when she was charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery after allegedly having sexual relations with her 14 year-old girlfriend.

In addition to the extensive exchange of messages since just days after the no-contact order was issued, Detective Jeremy Shepherd further testified that he’d learned the two had secretively met.

Hunt’s lawyer, Julia Graves, did not dispute that there “has been some contact with the victim” and her client.

The court hearing Tuesday was graphic and emotional. Hunt held a tissue in her handcuffed hands and she repeatedly used it to wipe tears from her eyes.

Hunt’s family says the relationship was consensual. However, in Florida, a person under the age of 16 is not legally able to consent to sex. Graves is claiming authorities wouldn’t have gone after her if it had involved a male and a female instead of two teenage girls.

“I’m scared of losing my life, the rest of my life,” Hunt said earlier this year, “not being able to go to college or be around kids, be around my sisters and my family.”

Hun had been offered a few plea deals; one of which is to be subject to a curfew and having to do community service, but avoiding jail time and not having to register as a sex offender. Hunt’s defense team didn’t accept any plea deal.

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