Former 49ers and Raiders player faces felony charge

Kwame Harris, a 30-year-old former 49ers and Raiders offensive lineman faces domestic violence charges for the injuries on an ex-boyfriend. In altercation took place int he parking lot of a Menlo Park restaurant after an argument occurred.

Harris was present in San Mateo County Superior Court on Monday to meet with prosecutors. Harris has rejected a plea bargain and pleaded not guilty to one count each of domestic violence and assault causing great bodily injury and could face up to nine years in prison if convicted.

The tension began Aug. 21 when Harris and his ex-boyfriend were at dinner Menlo Park. Harris was to drive his ex-boyfriend to San Francisco International Airport for a flight following the meal but the two began to argue after Harris’ ex-boyfriend poured soy sauce on some rice, which upset Harris.

The arguing continued and escalated, until finally Harris withdrew his offer to take his ex-boyfriend to the airport. As they went to retrieve his bags from Harris’ so he can take a cab to the airport, the dispute turned violent. Harris allegedly tried to pull down his ex-boyfriends pants and accused him of stealing his underwear. This offensive touching then escalated to a physical encounter.

Harris’ punches broke bones in his ex-boyfriend’s eye socket which led to a metal plate being installed in his face and other surgeries.

Harris is out of jail on $75,000 bail and on Monday his trial was pushed back from Feb. 25 to April 29.

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