Florida’s Texting While Driving Law Will Soon Result in Fines and Citations

textDrive-2-300x200Since October, law enforcement officers have been warning and educating Florida drivers about the new handsfree law. However, this “grace period” will be ending once January 1, 2020, arrives, allowing officers to issue tickets for anyone who is caught not driving handsfree in certain areas.

Drivers that are caught holding a “wireless communication device” when they are driving through construction zones, school zones, or school crossings may receive a moving violation which comes with a $60 fine. Officers will be using these last two weeks of December to educate drivers on the new laws, taking advantage of the greater number of holiday drivers on the roads. For the time being, drivers will receive a tear-off reminder regarding the new law requirements and its associated fines.

Once January 1st comes around, fines and citations will replace these reminders.

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