Teen who was kidnapped by family friend speaks out

Hannah Anderson, the California teen who was kidnapped then found after a 2 month nationwide manhunt, speaks of new details about the kidnapper. Anderson had been kidnapped after her mother and brother were killed by the kidnapper.

The kidnapper, James DiMaggio, was a family friend. He had just picked her up from cheerleading practice and took her to his home. Anderson said DiMaggio sat her down on a couch, handcuffed her, zip-tied her feet and told her about his plan to kidnap her. DiMaggio encouraged her to play Russian roulette with him, with the use of a real gun. She would cry when it was her turn and tell him that she didn’t want to play.

Once they arrived in Idaho, DiMaggio told her that her mother, Christina Anderson, 42, and her brother Ethan, 8, were elsewhere in the house, alive but that they would soon die. Authorities later found the remains of Christina Anderson in the burned garage and Ethan’s body in another part of the home.

An autopsy revealed Christina Anderson was struck at least 12 times in the head; her right arm and both legs were fractured, and she had a cut on her neck.

After a week went by and Anderson was still missing, horseback riders ran into DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson in the wilderness in Idaho about 1,000 miles from where the alleged kidnapping occurred. The riders eventually reported their encounter after having seen an Amber Alert out for Anderson.

Anderson’s father, Brett said that he and his daughter are working through the situation.

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