Sacramento shooting killed two and injured three

A shooting occurred during a New Year’s Even fireworks show in Sacramento, California. Two people were fatally shot and three people were wounded. A 22-year-old unnamed man was in custody as a suspect for the Sacramento shooting.

The shooting occurred among about 40,000 people, including families with young children. Police canceled the next fireworks show, which was scheduled for midnight.

The shooting stemmed from an argument that began inside of a sports bar, which escalated into a lethal encounter. An employee tried to break up the fight, and the suspect fired several rounds toward the people he was fighting with.

One of the two people injured was in his 20s, and the other was a 35-year-old man, both employees. They suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

Authorities said an armed security guard near a side door exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and both sustained wounds that were not life-threatening. The armed suspect ran from the bar toward the crowded street but was caught by police.

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