Proper Discipline vs. Child Abuse

I’ve made my feelings about this case very public. First, I feel privileged that I’m able to represent Loscar in this matter. From my many hours with him, I am convinced that he loves his son deeply and never intended to harm him in any way. Loscar disciplined his son the way that he believed was appropriate and necessary under the circumstances. The Miami Herald article published following Loscar’s press conference discusses that.

The problem is that the laws in this area are vague and subject to interpretation. One prosecutor can look at a set of facts and conclude that a crime was committed while another may believe that the actions were good parenting.

Additionally, whether someone is branded a criminal may hinge upon random factors like whether the child bruises easily. The bottom line is that prosecutors need to get the word out as to what constitute abuse and what is acceptable punishment.

Please view the interview on CBS4 with Elliot Rodriguez and let me know your thoughts on the case.

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