One man in custody and the other surrounded by officials in Canada prison escape

Three people were arrested Sunday in connection with the helicopter escape by inmates in a Canadian prison. The two inmates that escaped are Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Dany Provencal. Hudon is already in police custody, however, Provencal is surrounded by authorities and are engaged in negotiations attempting to bring him back to prison peacefully. The whereabouts of Provencal remain unknown.

The escape took place at about 2:20 p.m. on Sunday at a prison in Quebec. The pilot who assisted in the escape was taken to a hospital for examination and will be interviewed by investigators. No information has been released indicating whether or not the pilot had been injured or his involvement, however, news reports say the inmates held a gun to the pilot’s head and forced him to fly the helicopter. The helicopter pilot is said to be a witness rather than a suspect.

Hudon, the escaped inmate that is now in police custody, was cleared on appeal of a double murder, but had returned to prison in connection with an attempted murder investigation. Provencal convicted is unknown.

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