New Miami Law on Marijuana Possession For Sale?

Be careful that your possession charge doesn’t change to possession for sale of Marijuana. South Beach, Miami is developing a reputation for more than fun in the sun. Advocates of the decriminalization of marijuana on South Beach recently brought a petition to City Hall. The law has not been changed despite the media attention. If you are caught in possession of marijuana anywhere in the Miami area you will be facing arrest and criminal charges.

The law at present states that anyone arrested for possession of marijuana faces a sentence of up to a year in prison. While many people assume that a marijuana possession charge is a misdemeanor but the hard fact is that you may do hard time unless you bring a competent defense. Pleading guilty to a misdemeanor does may be the fastest way to end the ordeal but you will still receive a criminal record. What may seem like a slap-on-the-wrist could have long-term and far reaching consequences especially if the charges are increased to possession for sale.

Most people who are facing marijuana possession for sale charges use the services of a Miami criminal defense attorney and enter into a negotiation with the prosecutor. Seeking an outright dismissal of the charges or ‘nolle pros’ is within your rights as a citizen. A good Miami criminal lawyer will provide you with a detailed list of options that are available to you when facing a marijuana possession for sale charge.

A Miami federal attorney noted that even if the law is passed decriminalizing the possession of Marijuana on South Beach, the rest of laws surrounding marijuana will remain enforceable and punishable under the laws of the state. If you have been arrested and charged with a marijuana possession charge, be aware that anything you say can be used to bump those charges up to a felony possession for sale case.

Using a specialized Miami criminal lawyer ensures that what you say is not used against you in the worst possible way. Your rights as a citizen even if you have been arrested and charged with possession for sale are still protected under the law of the United States.

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