Love and marriage apparently go together like drinking and driving.

The State Patrol says it arrested a husband and wife for drunken driving on Sunday.

The 21-year-old husband, who is stationed at Fort Lewis, was seen driving erratically on northbound Interstate 5 early Sunday morning. He and his wife had been celebrating his return from overseas, the State Patrol says.

A military police officer saw the car but couldn’t it make it stop.

But a trooper did stop the vehicle in front of the couple’s apartment. The husband was arrested for DUI. The trooper noticed that the wife was also probably drunk but allowed her to go to her apartment after warning her not to drive.

The trooper took the husband to the patrol’s Tacoma office. After the man was processed, the trooper escorted him outside.

The man’s wife drove up to pick up her husband. Then she was arrested for drunken driving.

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