Journalist who discovered notebook in Holmes case faces charges for refusing to reveal source

Jana Winter, a fox news reported who reported the notebook that was allegedly sent from James Holmes to his psychiatrist failed to reveal her sources and she now faces jail time for not disclosing such information.

Winter has been subpoenaed by Holmes’ attorneys to testify on Wednesday and has indicated that she does not plan to reveal her source. Winter fears that revealing her source will tarnish her reputation in her professional field.

Days after the July 20 theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, Winter scored a major scoop on, reporting about the existence of the notebook. She cited a source who described the book as including illustrations and other details of how the massacre would occur.

Holmes is charged with numerous counts of first-degree murder for the murder of 12 people and wounding dozens more at the premiere of the Batman movie where he opened fire at the theatre guests.

Federal agents believe Holmes planned the attack for months. His trial is scheduled to begin in February 2014. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Holmes’ attorneys have filed a series of motions and hearings in an attempt to find out who leaked the information about the notebook, calling to the stand all the police and bomb technicians who had access to the package. All have said they did not speak to any reporters about the package.

Winter made it clear in last month’s affidavit that her credibility is at stake if she were to reveal her sources and she refuses to do so. She and her attorneys have tried to fight the subpoena, but have been unsuccessful.

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