Former professor pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder

Amy Bishop Anderson, former professor accused of shooting six of her colleagues, three of which were killed, pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder charges and agreed to plead guilty to a capital murder charge on September 24 in Madison County Circuit Court. She had previously pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Anderson was a Harvard-trained geneticist and had been denied tenure at the university a few weeks before the shootings on February 12, 2010. Police and people who knew Anderson have described her as being angry over the school’s refusal to grant her tenure, a decision that effectively would have ended her employment in the biology department at the University of Alabama.

Bishop Anderson also has been also charged in Massachusetts with the murder of her brother in 1986. Her brother’s shooting had previously been ruled an accident, but the case was reinvestigated after the Alabama shootings. Anderson, who was 21 at the time of her brothers death, told authorities while her 18-year-old brother was helping her unload a shotgun, it accidentally discharged.

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