Florida Parents Arrested For Felony Child Neglect- A Miscarriage of Justice!

This one really gets me. Two parents from Florida were arrested for felony child neglect. What did they do? Starve their child? Deprive their child of needed medical care? Leave the child abandoned on the streets for days with no food, clothing or shelter? No, nothing like that. The two parents were stuck in traffic so their 11-year-old son arrived home from school before they did. He went into the back yard of their home and began to play basketball alone. Seeing the boy shooting hoops by himself, a neighbor called the cops.
When the parents arrived home, the police began their interrogation. Claiming the child had no water or shelter, the police arrested both parents. As a result, the 11-year-old boy was removed from their home. Furthermore, child protective workers removed from their home their other son, a four-year-old. The two boys languished in and out of foster care for over a month before they were finally reunited with their parents. The criminal charges are still pending at this time.
OK, first, shame on you neighbor! You called the cops? Look what your choice caused. If you think the kid needed food, water or shelter, offer it to him. Calling the cops is the last resort!
Next, shame on you cops! You didn’t have to arrest these parents. You claim the child didn’t have water, however, the parents had two working sinks and two working hoses in their backyard if the child was thirsty. You claim the child didn’t have shelter, however, they had an open shed in the back yard. You claim he didn’t have food, however, the boy had just eaten his snacks before arriving home. Additionally, you claim he didn’t have a bathroom, however, the responding officer found their yard good enough to relieve himself in while the 11-year-old “neglected” boy sat in the back seat of the patrol car.
From a legal perspective, it’s important to understand that Florida has no minimum age where a child cannot be left alone at home. In my strong legal opinion, these charges should be dropped. I’ll take it one step further, I think this is a miscarriage of justice and I think these parents and kids are owed an apology. These charges undermine the integrity of our Criminal Justice System.

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