Family lawyer accused of murdering his client and her daughter

An Illinois family lawyer is being tried for the 2009 murder of his former client, Nova Henry, whom he represented in a child-support case against a former Chicago Bulls basketball player, Eddy Curry.

Subsequent to an agreement to represent Henry, the defendant-lawyer began an intimate relationship with her which lasted for two years. Shortly after the end of their relationship, Henry, 24, and her 10-month-old daughter were found dead in their Chicago home. Henry and her daughters death was discovered close in time to the lawyers discovery of her attempting to hire another lawyer who would be assisting her is contesting $24,000 in legal fees of the defendant-lawyer.

Other evidence allegedly tying the defendant-lawyer to the slayings includes a bullet found in his vehicle that matched the murder weapon and a claim that Henry’s 3-year-old surviving son told his grandmother that the defendant-lawyer committed the murders.

The defendant-lawyers’ counsel maintains and represents to the jury that there is no evidence directly showing that defendant-lawyer is the culprit and said Chicago police arrested and blamed his client without considering other suspects.

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