Fame Skirts the Law

Mike Tyson, former boxing star, recently told of how he avoiding being arrested for a DUI because the arresting officers were impressed by his fame. He was pulled over while high on cocaine. Though he anticipated big trouble when he saw the police car attempting to pull him over, Tyson was greeted by the grins a couple of boxing fans.

In typical form, Tyson pushed the envelope. He asked the star-stricken officers for a ride—to his drug dealer’s house. Without question, the star-struck officers of the law escorted Mike Tyson to the address he gave them. He didn’t even have his driver’s license, but the police didn’t ask him for identification, anyway.

When the people at the drug house saw Tyson being led in by two police officers, they ran. The officers instructed them to assure Tyson was taken safely home, but he actually ended up walking quite a distance because the presence of police caused everyone else at the house to flee.

Stories like this often encourage people of position to think that they, too, might get the soft-glove treatment from criminal courts should they be charged with a crime. White-collar criminals hear stories like Tyson’s and think they might also be cleared of all charges, and walk away back to their comfortable lives. This can be a tragic mistake, however. Criminal courts are now taking a no-tolerance attitude to any and all charged with a crime. They are mandated to act on all criminal charges, and to prosecute all cases to the fullest extent of the law.

If you find yourself charged with a crime, be sure that you use your head. Refusing to answer questions and requesting an attorney is not an indication of guilt. It is simply an indication that you are thinking clearly, and that you know your rights. Secure competent defense to be assured that your case receives the thorough and expert attention that you deserve.

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