Detroit Inmate Who Escaped Prison was Captured

Abraham Pearson, a detroit inmate, stabbed an officer and escaped from jail wearing the officer’s uniform. Pearson, was seen walking in a Detroit neighborhood Monday night and he was eventually captured. Authorities say Pearson attacked a deputy with a sharpened comb in the presence of two other inmates inside of a holding cell. He then handcuffed a Deputy, and fled, also taking the officer’s cell phone and radio, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said.

Pearson escaped from the back of the building, carjacked a citizen and drove away in the person’s Dodge minivan. The minivan was eventually recovered and the officer’s uniform was found under a vehicle.

Two inmates, who watched the altercation between Pearson and the Deputy take place, did not leave or intervene.

Pearson was facing sentencing on Monday on carjacking and armed robbery charges. Pearson has a lengthy criminal record and was on parole. Pearson could be facing as much as 11 more charges to the crimes he was already facing before escaping.

The 63-year old Deputy was taken to the Detroit Receiving Hospital and later released.

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