Confusing Custody Case

Warren Jeffs of Salt Lake City is involved in a rather confusing child custody case. Jeffs has nine children with his wife, Amy, who is a member of a polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jeffs, who has been thrown out of the cult for the third time, is now filing for divorce. His half brother had also filed a child custody case on his behalf, but it has been dismissed.

Wallace Jeffs’ attorney, Robert Hoole, spoke about the case. “IT was just a re-shuffling of the cases, not a dismissal on the merits,” said Hoole, of Salt Lake City.

After Wallace Jeffs was seriously injured in a car crash, the case was delayed. Attorney for Amy Jeffs says that they custody issue will be handled as part of divorce proceedings.

Cases of child custody and divorce are extremely complicated. In addiction to the legal issues, there are complicated emotional issues at stake. In cases of divorce and child custody, it is important to make sure that you secure adequate legal representation. Don’t take chances with your family. Marriages frequently end up on the rocks, but the children who are a product of these broken marriages don’t vanish when the relationship does. Who will be their primary caretaker; how visitation will be decided; and who will make major decisions regarding residence, education and care are all critical questions that need to be examined as part of a well organized legal case.

Don’t assume that a court case is going to wind up in your favor. It is never wise to take chances when it involves legal decisions that impact relationships with your children. Put your children first. Secure the legal expertise of an experienced attorney to ensure that your rights are fully represented.

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