Authorities maintain their search for two suspects in a bus stop beating

Authorities continue the search for two youths suspected of beating and robbing a 17-year-old boy on a Broward County Transit bus in September. The incident occurred at a bus stop on the 1500 block of W. Sunrise Blvd.

Investigators have released a surveillance video in which three suspects, one in a white shirt, one in a red, and one in a black shirt, were moving through the crowd of people on the bus. When the bus stopped, the suspects got off via the rear door but then the one in the suspect in the red shirt jumps back on and punches the victim then dragged him off the bus.

The three suspects take turns punching and kicking he victim. The video showed that the victim attempted to run away but was caught by the suspect in the black shirt and thrown to the ground for more beatings and kicking, the video showed. Authorities say the suspects robbed from the victim his cellphone, digital music player and earphones and then ran away.

The surveillance video showed the victim trying to re-enter the bus after the incidence but the driver refused to open the doors and drove away.

Many of the other passengers are thought to be students from Mavericks High School and authorities hopes in releasing the surveillance video is that someone will recognize the individuals and contact authorities with helpful information regarding the offense.

One of the suspects has been found and arrested. Authorities maintain their search for the remaining two suspects viewed in the surveillance video.

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