JACKSON, Miss. — A man who was declared dead 16 years ago is now under arrest and facing kidnapping charges.

53-year-old Thomas Steven Sanders was transported to Alexandria, La., after being arrested in Mississippi over the weekend.

Officials believe Sanders kidnapped 12-year-old Lexis Roberts, whose body was found in Louisiana last month.

Another set of remains believed to be those of her mother, 31-year-old Suellen Roberts, were discovered in Arizona.

According to officials, they were last seen over the Labor Day weekend with Sanders at the Grand Canyon.

Sanders was declared legally dead in Mississippi in 1994 after his family, who had not seen or heard from him in years, filed a petition with the courts
Sanders met the mother and daughter in Las Vegas.

Officials say the bullets used to kill Lexis Roberts were consistent with ammunition bought by Sanders at a department store in September.

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