22 year-old suspected of the murder of mayoral condidate Marco McMillian

Lawrence Reed, 22, is a murder suspect in the death of Marco McMillian, a mayoral candidate. Reed was found in McMillian’s crashed SUV on Tuesday morning and was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office has reported that Reed is in good condition.

McMillian’s body was discovered on Wednesday near a levee between communitities Sherard and Rena Lara in the northwestern Mississippi’s Delta region. McMillian’s body was taken to the capital, Jackson, for an autopsy.

Officials have not yet commented on why or how McMillian was killed. “It’s too early in the investigation to know what the motive is,” stated Will Rooker, Sheriff’s Office spokesman .

McMillian’s short biography on Facebook said he had spent much of his career raising money for universities after he graduated from Jackson State with a degree in elementary education. He also received a master’s in philanthropy and development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

McMillian’s Facebook page shows a glimpse at a man who was politically ambitious. It includes a picture of McMillian posing with President Barack Obama. His campaign motto: “Moving Clarksdale forward.”

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